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Bosquet des Papes Cotes de Rhone 2007

Cotes de Rhone

€14.49/Bottle | €173.88/Case
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An intense red colour for this wine with delicate aromatic notes. Strutured and soft tannins. Well balanced, it can be drunk young but has a good cellar potential.

If you don't fancy spending the money on a Chateauneuf du Pape, then the trick is to drink a Cotes du Rhone from a CDP winemaker. There are so many bad Cotes du Rhone out there, that when you find a good one, hold tight. In a year like 2007, it is very easy.

80 % Grenache Noir

15 % Syrah

5 % Cinsault


Cooked pork meats, red meats and cheese will perfectly match with this wine served at room temperature.

Gorgeous crimson robe with streaks of mauve. Aromas of blackberry, crushed strawberries and dried figs. Possesses an ample, silky mouth, which is intensified by notes of jammy raspberry. Oregano spice and laurel are equally present here. An ideal pairing with grilled porterhouse or veal chop with mushrooms.

The Vineyard


AOC Côtes du Rhône, a vineyard located on the towns of Orange and Courthézon, alongside the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation.

Area: 3,5 ha.Production

Approximately 7,000 bottles a year.

Terroir / Average age of the vineyard

• Clay-limestone soil with rolled pebbles which store up heat during the day and restore it to the vinestocks during the night.

• Average age of the vines: approximately 40 years old.

Wine making / Maturing

• Traditional wine making in thermoregulated concrete vats.

• De-stemming at 90 %.

• Cold pre-fermentation during a few days

• Unballastings, punchings of the cap and daily pumping-over carried out with great care.

• Fermentation of skins: 15 to 21 days.

• Ageing: vat, large oak barrel and demimuids

6 to 8 months.Tasting


Robert Parker comments on Twitter, June 2010

"last call...2007 Cotes du Rhones among the best values I have ever tasted but disappearing, and replaced by less successful 2008s and 2009s"

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