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Miraval Lady Jane White

Cotes de Provence

€38.00/Bottle | €456.00/Case
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The wine is bright yellow in colour with golden hues. It has an abricot nose, full of maturity associated with roasted almonds and vanilla. This wine offer an amazing complexty. The palate is uncommonly full body. An extremely long lasting finish.


The Vineyard

PRODUCTION : 2 to 5 000 bottles

HARVEST : Exclusivemy by hands in small cases ( 35 kg) At the pick of their maturity. Sorted in the vineyard and on a sorted table.

VINIFICATION Pressing cleaning out at a low temperature. Fermented for four weeks at 16°C. Very light filtration before bottling.

AGED : Fermented in new oak barrels and aged several months.

Dating from pre-Roman times, Miraval is approached down a long winding lane through woods and vineyards with dramatic glimpses of the distant "Gros Bésillon" mountain through the trees. The magnificent cascading stone-walled terraces are now replanted with thirteen different varieties of olives. Water seems to be everywhere flowing; from fountains; along aquaducts; through hidden tunnels; into the moat and filling the lake.


The main wine cellar at Miraval was built in the latter part of the 19th century by M. Joseph Lambot, the inventor of reinforced concrete, and subjected to a complete refurbishment in 1993/1994.

The whole vinification process is organised to reduce to a minimum any oxidation of the grapes prior to entering the fermentation tanks or barrels.

Teams of local pickers pick the grapes into small containers to avoid any bruising or crushing. The grapes are then transferred to the cellar entrance and are placed on a 4m long sorting table where any rotten or green grapes and any leaves or other debris are removed by hand.

After destemming and gentle pressing in the pneumatic press the grape juice is fed by gravity feed into the thick walled concrete tanks which have been lined with epoxy resin. These tanks retain the sanitation of traditional stainless steel while delivering a more steady temperature.

In 1995 the Barrique Cellar was created in the vaulted stone cellars of the original farmhouse (dating from around 1300) to age Miraval wine in small oak barrels.

Château Miraval - A brief history

Miraval, sited close to the Via Aurelia - one of the five main roads radiating from Rome - has always occupied an important place in history.

First settled by the Ligurians and then by the Celts, who were in their turn driven out by the advancing Romans, Miraval first appears on a map in the 1200s when it was a monastery and attached to the Pignans Monastery.

In 1252, it seems probable that St. Thomas Acquinas broke his journey here en route to the University of Paris from the University of Naples.

In the 1400s the Prince of Naples joined the French Court and settled at Miraval. This was when the Domaine first appears in the Register of Noble Houses.

The Estate was in the hands of the Orsini family for centuries and then, at the turn of the twentieth century, Miraval was home to the celebrated inventor of reinforced concrete - Joseph Lambot.

In the 1970s Jacques Loussier, the well-known jazz pianist, created one of the world's foremost recording studios - Studio Miraval - where many great musicians including Pink Floyd ( who recorded The Wall here), Sting, Sade and the Cranberries have all recorded their music in idyllic surroundings.

The vineyard is currently owned by a very famous Hollywood couple.

Miraval Lady Jane White
Red Nose Rating: 00%
Aromatic whites, Fine Wine with long rich finish, Organic - Natural cultivation