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How tough is wine?

June 30th, 2010

The Tough Kid at School

We all knew the tough kids in school. If you were lucky enough to sit beside them in maths class you might have built up a rapport with them and by virtue of you doing their homework for them, you escaped the beatings, and they may have even given you unofficial protection as you wandered through the horrible world of adolescence. A recent incident involving a bottle of wine brought me to ask the following question – are some wines tougher than others?

Bouncy Bouncy

I had a bottle of wine in the sleeve of my laptop bag yesterday and as I arrived home to welcoming and jumping children, the bag slipped and the bottle slid from the pocket and fell to the cement ground. I waited for the smash, but the bottle bounced. I checked and double checked and all was well. Joy to the world. Considering the bottle was an expensive one - I was treating myself to after a bad week, I was most pleased, and relieved. In fact, to celebrate the survival of the bottle, I did the only decent thing that I could, I opened it. When I compared this bottle to the case of cheap Pinot Grigio that I dropped on the way to a restaurant, it is truly remarkable. The protective case was well made cardboard, but the bottles were thin and the minute it fell about six inches from the trolley, I could hear the smash. Three bottles met their maker, and as the apple and pear flavoured liquid drained down the nearby road, I knew they would cheer no more.

So, as many of us have dropped many wines I am sure, how many have you saved, and are some wines tougher than others? Are they supposed to survive and fulfill their noble destiny, i.e. be drank?

To be a little bit topical, one could compare the Tipperary South TD Mattie McGrath’sstand against the government as a bouncing of the bottle. Will it smash, or will he fulfill his destiny. As disenchanted as I am with the whole political scene, the ONLY sitting or wannabe TD that knocked on my door ( and I live fairly central ), was Mattie. He had a magic bus that swept in and out of South Tipperary and attacked the masses. They were like friendly dementors.

We’ll see how Mattie’s methaphorical bottle of wine surives. My feeling is he will have the last laugh at the next election.
Like I said, at least he called to the door and took my abuse. Back in 2007, at the tail end of an MBA and full of knowledge about the upcoming crash ( academia saw it a mile off ), I had a LOT to say.

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