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The ‘Social’ Media Wine Blitz

June 5th, 2012

The bank holiday weekend say a media blitz from Red Nose Wine. We were featured in no less than 4 national media outlets. The Irish Times, RTE Radio 1, RTE News website and RTE1 Television.

The Irish Times piece was all about our Chateau Bauduc Rose and the link can be found here.

Bauduc Rose Irish Times June 2012

Radio 1 – Morning Ireland

We were on the early slot with Radio 1 and the theme was Social Media in Business. You can listen to it here. The “Twitter veteran” comes in at 3.17m.

RTE Website piece

The full piece is here but Red Nose Wine gets a nice mention

“One month after Ireland was officially declared in recession, Gary Gubbins opened his business, Red Nose Wine, in Clonmel Co Tipperary. Despite what was arguably poor timing, Gubbins’ business is still growing and he says its thanks in no small part to social media.

He attributes his wines appearing on wine lists in Ballymaloe House and the Michelin starred Cliff House Hotel to building connections on Twitter. Similarly, he says social networking helped him to find better ways of doing business.
“I’ve forged some really good relationships. I import a lot of wines together with others, including Curious wines in Cork, Cases in Galway, and Simply in Dublin and all of that came about through Twitter.”

Gubbins blogs, tweets and posts on Facebook in order to further his business connections. Many other businesses are doing the same, and hundreds more want to learn how”

Coming up on Nationwide ...

Coming up on Nationwide ...

RTE Nationwide

I wonder how many of the average 500,000 Nationwide viewers were watching? Hopefully some of them will give us a call online or in person. I will try to get a cut of the actual segment but for the moment the whole show is on RTE Player. The social media bit starts at 12m and Red Nose Wine come in at 17m. The link is here.