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New Mix Case – The Budget Buster

November 30th, 2012

Our brand new Budget Buster mix case see’s some of our favourite wines all together in a nice box.


There is great value in the wine world if you know where to look for it. That is a job we have become very good at in Red Nose Wine so we are delighted to be able to offer this great value Budget Buster mix case of wine. We’ve specially selected reds, whites and Rose from France, Spain, Italy, and Chile. A great present this Christmas, for that special someone or for yourself.

Normally this case would cost €105.38 but we have it on offer for only €85, a saving of €20.38

1 x Moulin de Gassac Classic Blanc
1 x Moulin de Gassac Classic Rouge
1 x Mont Marcal Blanco
1 x Mont Marcal Tinto
1 x Mirabello Pinot Grigio
1 x La Granja ‘Pig’ Tempranillo
1 x Grandiose Sauvignon Blanc
1 x Santa Alicia Reserva Rose
1 x Santa Gloria Merlot
1 x Cuvee Jean Paul Rouge
1 x Cuvee Jean Paul Blanc
1 xRapido Garganega

Normal retail price combined €105.38

The mix case is also available in a 6 pack version for €45

Sam Neill – The Big Interview

November 19th, 2012

Firstly, thank you very much Sam for taking the time to come over to Ireland and in particular Red Nose Wine to help us launch your wonderful wines on the Irish market.

Sam Neill visits Red Nose Wine

Sam Neill visits Red Nose Wine

Q1 – I will try and get the obvious questions out of the way quickly. What was the first wine that you had that changed your perception of wine from a commodity to something more profound
A Gevrey Chambertin drank in Lausanne Switzerland – it was like Gods hand came out of a cloud and changed the course of my life.

Q2 – What is the greatest moment you enjoyed with a bottle/glass of wine, and where was it? I always find surroundings & company can have a big influence on this.
The first time we served our own wine at a dinner party to a bunch of my thoroughly disgraceful and undeserving friends – a great wine like that is wasted on them frankly.

Q3 – If you were a singer instead of an actor, who would you be and why?
Brian Wilson without the psychedelic drugs thank you very much, although Carl was the better singer.

The Beach Boys

Q4 – If you were to have written any song, what would it be and why?
This week I would say ‘Don’t talk, put our head on my shoulder’ a wonderful version I recommend is by Anne Sofie von Otter and produced by Elvis Costello.

Q5 – When I lived in France, I was told that after people’s flirtations with other regions, all roads eventually lead to Burgundy, and Pinot Noir. Where does Central Otago fit into this odyssey?
When you have got to Burgundy, stay on the same road and it will eventually bring you to Central Otago, and everything we do originates from Burgundy – vines, methods we use to grow those vines and to make the wines subsequently – it all comes from Burgundy, but that wine take a very subtle change of expression at the other end of the world.

Sam meets the great Galilieo at Coolmore

Sam meets the great Galilieo at Coolmore

Q6 – Can you tell us about your latest film project, and did you know that your co-star already has a connection with Red Nose Wine. Have you tasted Domaine des Anges - Cillian Murphy’s father in law make this wine?
Yes, I am doing a 6hr project for BBC 2 called Peaky Blinders alongside your man from Cork Cillian Murphy. A fellow wine enthusiast

Q7 – Why weren’t you in Lord of The Rings?
Actually I was unavailable – no loss for them.

Q7 – What are your plans for Two Paddocks long term? Are you looking to spread the good news all over the world or just the lucky countries, like Ireland?
There is not enough to go around the world but I am always happy to see it in places where people truly love wine, so more of that please.

Q8 – Lastly, you were born in Ireland, and lived for a few years up North before leaving for New Zealand. With this strong connection to Ireland, and your great standing back in New Zealand, could you possibly ask that the All Blacks take it easy on us the next time we play them. The last one really hurt.
I’m always happy to please but now you have gone too far.

Thank you very much, and it is a pleasure to represent such a truly wonderful collection of wines. The feedback so far has really been superb. Sam’s Two Paddocks wines are available online or directly in the shop. You can follow Sam on Twitter at his @twopaddocks handle.

Article – An Offer he Can’t refuse

November 19th, 2012

Did you know that the French use the expression ‘bonne merde’ to say good luck? This is a colloquialism as opposed to the more proper ‘bonne chance’. Considering that merde is also another word for something beginning with S makes it all the more charming.

I don’t know if that little nugget of information will be relevant to this article, but we will write on and let inspiration find me. I only put it in as I just heard it on the radio, and for all my time in France, I never heard that. I also heard that Jack Nicklaus has just released a new wine, or at least his name is branded on a wine from Terlato Wines. I’m not too sure exactly how dirty Jack gets his hands.

When I find the time, I am a keen golfer but not keen enough to buy some of Jack’s wines. I have no doubt it will be expensive. A few years ago I was in South Africa and visited a number of vineyards. I got to taste some really super wines on the trip. Among these was Ernie Els wines, which were expensive but very good. You can pay extra for a signed bottle.

To be fair to Ernie, he actually owns the vineyard and has invested his money in it over the years. He is a big wine fan and his wines are very well respected. He just won the Open so he should be able to invest a little more. Golfers are not the only famous people who own vineyards.

One of the most famous wine purchases was in California where the Hollywood director Francis Ford Coppola purchased a large portion of the famous Napa Valley estate known as ‘Inglenook’. He bought most of it in 1975 with the proceeds from a little film he made that had been quite successful. It was about an Italian family in America that had an interest in the olive oil business.

However, about 94 acres and more importantly the use of the name escaped him, and he had to trade under a different name, and the wines were known as Coppola-Niebaum. The extra name was the original 1800s owner’s but its great reputation was built on the Inglehook name. He spent nearly 35 years trying to acquire it and in 2011 he succeeded and the wines are now known as Inglehook once again. He made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

This is a celebrity owner who has much more interest in his vines than many traditional owners. I have never actually tried the wines so can’t talk about their apparent greatness but I do know the critics love them and they have prices to match.

I know this is the perfect opportunity to talk about Chateau Miraval in Provence, which is owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I import this wine and while quite niche it is very popular. It was a great wine long before they bought it and remains so afterwards. The whites are among the most famous in Provence and the Reds are very similar to Chateau Vignelaure, once owned by David O Brien, once of Rosegreen.

Their Rose is one of those pale dry wines that make you dream of sunny afternoons on the veranda. It is one of the very best examples of a French Rose you will find. My allocation was cut this year because a certain wedding that may or may not be happening this summer in the vineyard. Suffice to say that I have not received my invite yet. I think Brad is worried that Angie’s head would be turned.

The new Loyalty card scheme is proving very popular. The Silver cards are free, and after 10 stickers ( earned every time you spend €25 ) you get FREE WINE. You also get a Gold card and at the end of that, there is even more FREE WINE, and you move on to the revered platinum card.

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“Life is much too short to drink bad wine”

Wine Dinner – Anges in Tipp

November 13th, 2012

We are delighted to welcome over Florent Chave, chief winemaker at Domaine des Anges to Tipperary for a night of wine, fun and food in the famous McCarthys of Fethard. You can buy tickets here.

Florent Chave of Domaine des Anges

Florent Chave of Domaine des Anges

This Irish owned vineyard has long been a favorite of our customers and what better way to start the Christmas run in than with a tapas style wine night.


McCarthys of Fethard has long since been a famous pub, so much so that they have been afraid to change the interior since 1847. As well as a great pub, it also hosts a great restaurant and a great wine list. They take the vine very seriously here, so book your tickets now for this event sold out very quickly last year and we expect this one to follow suit so get your tickets now.


Tickets are only €40 and can be booked online or via Red Nose Wine at 052-6182939 or email – Book now. A night not to be missed.

Sam Neill and his trip to Tipp

November 4th, 2012

Irish born Kiwi Sam Neill is on his way to Tipperary for a whistle stop tour to promote his wonderful Central Otago wines. He will be out in McCarthys of Fethard at 2pm for a quick meet & greet followed by a reception in Red Nose Wine in Clonmel at 4pm. As well as Sam’s wines, there will also be some local Tipperary Food on offer, courtesy of James Whelan Butchers, as well as some delicious Cooleeney Farm cheese.


Sam is more well known for his acting and has appeared in such films and TV shows as Jurassic Park, Kane & Abel, The Omen, Dead Calm, The Hunt for Red October, The Piano, The Simpsons, The Tudors among many more. He is becoming very well known for his wines however and we are delighted to be importing them into Ireland.


Ireland is a place the Hollywood star holds close to his heart. Only in October past he visited his old home place in the North, where he lived until he was 7. His Irish roots still firmly intact, he recently claimed, “I got an Irish passport the other day. I love it. It’s the best thing in my pocket.”

Why not take a nice tour of the chateau with the proprietor himself …

If you would like to call on Wednesday at 4pm to Red Nose Wine to meet Sam, send us an email or drop us a line at 052-6182939 so we can have enough food. All lovers of great wine are welcome.