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The Launch of the new Red Nose Wine – this weekend

September 11th, 2013

We are just over 2 months in our new premises at the Regal Centre and we are finally having a bit of a celebration. This weekend sees the official launch of The Regal Centre and all of the businesses are having promotions, demonstrations and we’ll surely be pouring some wine as well as giving some away.


While the celebrations will be held over the whole weekend (including Sunday), we will be having the main thrust of ours on the Saturday. This will include 2 free wine classes. The word class is probably a bit generous as we will do 30 minute demonstrations but everyone who is there will get a glass in their hand, so its all good.

Free Wine Classes

The first class will start at 2pm and will concentrate on what constitutes a dry wine. When you mean you like a dry wine, is that what you really mean? The second class at 4pm will be more of an Old World versus New World challenge. We will compare similar style wines from both regions and allow you all to ‘taste the difference’.

All classes will have generous amounts of wine to test the theory so bring a driver or take the bus. Alternatively our new neighbour Larry O Keeffe can sell you a bed. In fact, we will have a lot of bottles open throughout the day and we might even dig out some cheese out of somewhere as well. Party on Wayne!

Both classes will start by going through the basics on how to taste ‘properly’ and will do the famous Jelly Bean test. These will be a taster for some wine classes we are planning to hold this Autumn so if you are thinking of doing one, this would be a good litmus test.

Special Offers

We will also have a range of offers including our Super 6 ( up to 20% off ), as well as a new Mix Case that we call ‘When I’m 64’. We are also doing a great in-house special on one of our perennial favorites Domaine des Anges. Up to 25% off.


All people who attend the class of even just come and buy a bottle of wine over the weekend will get a free voucher ( €10 when you spend €50 ). And remember,

‘Life is much too short to drink bad wine”.

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