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Wine Tastings for Christmas

November 23rd, 2017

Traditionally we have done a big night where we have opened loads of wines but not everyone can make it on that night so this year we will split it up and open different wines over 3 weekends. With the exception of the first one, which is at a specific time, the others will be a walk through style. We’ll have the wines open for the weekend ( from 2pm on Friday and including Sunday ).

If there is something in particular you would like to taste, please drop us a line. It is very much a drop in but if you are coming and could let us know, it would be great as we can prepare properly – and yes, you can come to all 3 events.

And YES – we will have special pricing on the wines that are open for tasting WHEN THEY ARE OPEN

Tasting 2
When ? Friday ( from 2pm) / Saturday / Sunday Dec 8/9/10
Where ? Red Nose Wine
Wines on show

X de Larrivaux from Haut Medoc in Bordeaux
Carlos Serres Crianza from Rioja in Spain
Belleview Red – a Bordeaux Superior from the great 2015 vintage
Belleview White from Entre Deux Mers in Bordeaux
Pallazzi – our new Pinot Grigio Gargenaga mix from Italy
Pur Rouge – a new biodynamic Cotes du Rhone from France
Corgo de Regua White – try something different from the Douro in Portugal
Valencay from Sebastien Vaillant – as the prices of Sancerre soar, you should try this from nearby – delicious.
Les Sablons from Ventoux in the Rhone Valley – a great wine from the near neighbour of Chateanueuf du Pape
Bodegas Sommos Taoz Reserva – a wine full of the promise of Christmas. taste it to find out what that means.

Some of these wines are already part of the Buy 2 get 10% – Buy 6 get 15% – Buy 12 get 20% deal but for the ones that are not, we will include them for the duration of the tasting ( Fri-Sat-Sun )

These tastings replace our traditional portfolio tasting ( the big night in Raheen last year ). This will hopefully allow people to get in to taste as it is starting from Friday and 2pm and runs through to Sunday ( we are open from 2 to 5 on Sundays ). There is no set time. It is a walk in, but if you are planning to come in if you could let us know, so we can be sure to get in enough cheese and crackers.

Tasting 3
When ? Friday ( from 2pm) / Saturday / Sunday Dec 15/16/17
Where ? Red Nose Wine
Wines on show – TBC

The ones you have already missed ….

First up is this Saturday from 4pm and we will have Nicolas from Chateau Viranel opening all of his wines but we will also have a range of other wines open.

Tasting 1 – with Nicolas Bergasse of Chateau Viranel
When ? Saturday November 25 at 4pm
Where ? Red Nose Wine
Wines on show – The Chateau Viranel range plus a range of new wines including Spain, Italy, Argentina, France and more … call in to find out..

Sorry for the short notice on this but we weren’t sure about Nicolas’ flight times back to France.

Nicolas Bergasse at RED NOSE WINE

Nicolas Bergasse at RED NOSE WINE

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