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Wines of the week – BBQ Specials €6.99

July 27th, 2011


We have 2 new wines of the week and they are both targeting that elusive Irish barbeque. The sun is shining as I write this so with a hatful of optimism, I will assume it will continue. We have a new Barbera from Italy that we are very excited about and it is literally made for the BBQ. We are going to discount it back to help ease it into the marketplace and it is available for only €6.99 / bottle.

To match it we have a perennial favourite, the Ugni Blanc – Colombard blend from the south of France. You all know it as Lagarde Blanc but you might not recognize the price of only €6.99. As an added bonus if you buy the 2 wines, we will do it for only €12.99.


Happy barbeque.