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When I’m 64 – Quality Mixed Case

September 9th, 2013

When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now.

I was a Beatles fan from an early age and remember liking that song and laughing at how old someone would have to be when they’re 64 (I am aware that the answer is in the question). The trouble is its not so funny anymore as I approach 40.
Like many parents I sent kids back to school and took on all the emotion that goes with that. The cliche is true. It all goes by too quickly. So, this mix case is dedicated to the parents. With that in mind, we’ve tried to put in something really nice to help ease you back in. The NZ Sauvignon and the Rioja stand out for me.


The name comes from the fact that this mix case is discounted back to €64 – The wines on offer include :

Ant Moore Sauvignon Blanc
Bozeto de Exopto Rioja
Casas de Herencia Red
Casas de Herencia White
Santa Alicia Sauvignon Blanc Reserva
Solonio Il Grottone ( Ripasso Style CabSab Syrah )


So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen Goodbye

June 28th, 2013

Its nearly Closing Time at Red Nose Wine Mark 1 ( aka the shop on the bypass ).
We are moving to our customised new premises on Monday next. How to get there?
Click here.


Ahead of it we are in the last two days of the Moving SALE. Up to 35% Off. Get in before 6pm Saturday June 29th.


Hopefully we will see you in the new shop…
Here is a little Leonard Cohen to take us there ..


June 19th, 2013

The rumours ( that we started ) are true. Red Nose Wine is leaving its little warehouse on the bye-pass and moving to pastures new. The Regal Centre on the Davis Road is the new digs – in beside Larry O Keeffe’s furniture warehouse. Marks and Spencer’s are beside us as well. We have loads of private parking and a customised new retail space that will be very nice indeed.

There will be more on the new place to come, but ahead of all that we need to leave the current warehouse and we don’t want to bring too much wine with us ( We hate carrying it ).

So, we are having a HUGE Sale and offering varying discounts depending on quantities.


Back in the Saddle again – the return of the Articles

April 5th, 2013

“It’s been a long time since Rock’n’Roll” – Sing that in a high pitched voice and insert a Jimmy Page guitar riff and you have a classic Led Zeppelin song. While I have in fact recently listened to some Rock’n’Roll on my new turntable ( Christmas present ), I am referring to the fact that it has been a long time since I presented an article for your delectable critique.

The post budget blues

You may have thought I have been curled up in a ball in a dark room rocking to and fro in shock from the 41% excise duty increase in December. Tempting as that solution might be, I decided to focus on improving on the great gains we made in 2012. Onwards and upwards and the search for newer wines is in full flight. As I write this three new wines arrived into the shop today, and there are loads more on the horizon.

I have been very busy looking at every wine we currently stock and seeing if it has a future or not. There are many criteria needed for a wine to stay in the Red Nose family and many will not survive but the good news is that makes room for more wines. These are strange times we live in and when you are asking people to part with money, you really have to consistently over deliver on the quality and value offering.

With that in mind, this last month saw us throw out the old to make way for the new. Our Pick-A-Dot Sale cleared out a lot of wines at up to 50% off and this allows room for the newer wines that have been exciting us to shine. There is still a little bit left, but not a lot. To make up for it, we have introduced a new mix case for €50 that is proving very popular.

WIne courses and dinners

Last October we held our first wine course and it was a huge success. After 5 weeks of tasting, swirling, spitting, swallowing and listening to me waffle on about wines, we held our last night in the StoneHouse restaurant’s private dining room and matched their fantastic tasting menu to some great wines.

The good news is that we are currently finalizing plans for another wine course. This time we are looking at a few different options. We plan to repeat the classic 5 week course on a Thursday night but we are also looking at a slimmed down ½ day version, more than likely at the weekend. Depending on interest, we have also investigated the possibility of some Magical Mystery Tours. This basically means a mini bus, a foodie destination with lots of wine to match. You do the drinking, we organize the driving.

If any of you are interested in Top End Bordeaux wines, you might want to get in contact with me. I have been offered some seriously good value on some of the very best wines in the world. I am talking about the top end wines for putting down, but at a fraction of the normal price. We are still talking about €30 a bottle and a minimum case purchase. Contact me directly at if you want more details.

Smelling Swooshing and Spitting

A wine merchants calendar after the busy period that was Christmas is busier than you would think. Its not all accounts and stocktaking though. Traditionally this time of year we get invited to all manner of tastings. Last week I took the train to Dublin and was let loose on 256 wines from an importer I work with. Smell, Look, swish, inhale and spit. And so it went – whites first and then another lap of the hall to get the reds in. Experience has taught me to leave those big Barolos until the end. One is almost tempted to forget to spit those wines.

At this stage we import over 90% of our wines directly from small, large and in-between vineyards from all over the world, so the Irish trade tastings are not going to get you those real value driven wines or those little magical small vineyards that make this job so special. The do however serve a purpose and some of our favourite Italian wines ( such as Allegrini ) come via this route.

Later this month I am flying to Germany for the best Wine Trade show in Europe – ProWein. This will have vineyards from all over the world showing off their wares in 8 massive halls in the vast and very impressive Dusseldorf Messe convention centre.

Ireland really missed a trick not building one of these during the boom years. The Germans may not know much about debt relief but they sure know how to organize a trade fair. I’ve been to shows in France, Italy and London and this is by far the best. Hopefully, I’ll be writing about the wines I found soon

Are there Horses in Spain?

I think that Spain will become more and more important in the Irish wine world. It still has loads of great value regions that are unknown and very well priced. The punters in Cheltenham always look for value and sometimes a great Bordeaux at €30 can be great value and a €9 special offer wine is a waste of money. It is all about perspective. But I think regions like Navarra and Valencia offer true value when compared to Rioja and Ribero and we hope to find more at ProWein.

By the time this article goes to press, Cheltenham will be over and I’ll know how much value I managed to squeeze from the Tipsters draw in Careys and Dalys. In my experience value and Cheltenham do not go hand in hand. However I still smile when I remember shouting War of Attrition home in the Gold Cup. I met Mouse Morris about 6 months before and he said he thought the horse was a superstar. My little ante post wager came in at very nice odds. Let’s hope my trip to ProWein brings home a few winners as well.

As always, there is more information on the blog at or follow the ranting on Twitter –

For anyone who would like more information and can’t make it into the shop, please feel free to contact me at href=””>

“Life is much too short to drink bad wine”

The new 50 EURO Mix Case now Online

March 12th, 2013

A great little mix case of 6 wines is now on Sale in house and online. We listened to our customers and these are among the wines they wanted to see on offer. We picked 3 Reds & 3 Whites from some of our favourite vineyards. Normally €63, this is your for only €50.

The Reds

One of our best selling red wines comes from the Languedoc and the Gassac family of wines. The Gassac Classic Red is just that. A Classic at a great price.

Cuvee Jean Paul Rouge – Staying the south of France but moving over to the Vaucluse this is a little cracker that has proved a party favourite since it arrived.

58 Guineas Claret is a great introduction to Bordeaux. A Merlot dominant blend ( Cab Sab is the other variety).

The Whites

The sister to the Classic Red, the Gassac Classic White is for the white wine drinker who likes a little minerality and complexity in their wines. Another firm favourite, especially among the Sauvignon Blanc lovers.

The Spanish wine revolution goes on and this little cracker from the Penedes region has made many a happy party happier. Mont Marcal make a great Cava but their white wine is a little star.

For all of you who enjoy the holidays in Portugal, the Montaria Blanco offers a more complex and food friendly wine. If you want to test your dinner guests with “Guess the Grape”, this is the one that will win you the money.

Get this mix case while its hot. We will change the wines in the future but for now… enjoy.

The Big Spring Pick A Dot SALE

February 7th, 2013

You’ve got to pick a Dot or Two

You’ve got to pick a dot or two. Fagin would be in for the new Sale that we have just launched in Red Nose Wine. The theory is simple and I shall now attempt to keep it simple in my elaboration of the said same theory.


We are making room for lots of new wines we are currently sourcing and are having a bit of a cull. We have 3 levels of the SALE and these are represented by 3 different dots – Red, Blue & Green. In a nutshell, if you’re bottle has a Red dot, then its 50% off – if it has a Blue dot, then its 30% off and if it has a green dot, its 20% off.

WIne Sale

Old Bordeaux – New New Zealand

Some of the wines included are 2000 Bordeaux Medoc, New Zealand Pinot Noir, Sauvignon, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. There are some SUPER Loire Valley wines including biodynamic Bourguiel and Sancerre. We have Australian Shiraz, Riesling and Chardonnay as well some great Spanish reds and whites. There is some serious Italian Pinot Grigio on offer as well.

This is just a sprinkling of what’s in the sale and it is while stocks last. Call in and see the whole selection. Many of them are open to taste. We are not putting them online because there really is only small amounts of the wines, but if anyone wants a list to put a mix together, we can send it to them via email and if they’re lucky their favourite wines will still be there.

Get them when they’re cheap !!!

20% OFF Languedoc & Sth Africa

May 4th, 2012

May is here and we can start to dream about the summer. We will be offering a little sale for the merry month of May and offering 20% off on some of our favourite Languedoc wines. I watched the film Invictus this week, so I will also throw our Paarl Heights wines from South Africa into the sale.


The Gassac Collection
Gassac Classic Red @ €7.19 (normally €8.99)
Gassac Classic White @ €7.19 (normally €8.99)

Guilhem Red @ €7.99 (normally €9.99)
Guilhem White @ €7.99 (normally €9.99)

Albaran Cabernet – Syrah @ €9.59 (normally €11.99)
Elise Merlot – Syrah @ €9.59 (normally €11.99)
Faune Viognier @ €9.59 (normally €11.99)

The Reserve the Gassac has been renamed Pont de Gassac and is also on offer for only €11.99 (normally €14.99)

The Red is fantastic and we still have a little of the Reserve white left over, but this is also on special.

The Best of the Rest

Grandiose Cabernet Sauvignon

Corbieres St Lucie

Malis Cotes de Roussillon

Delsol PicPoul de Pinet

Agnel Minervois

Chateau Calce Cotes de Roussillon Villages

Star Buys

Dignite Syrah

Mas de L’Ecriture ‘Emotion

South Africa

The vineyards of South Africa

The vineyards of South Africa

We are also offering Paarl Heights Shiraz and Chenin Blanc on offer. €7.19 (normally €8.99)

Don’t forget, all of the SALE wines count towards the Loyalty Card points.

Have a great Bank Holiday.

A Spring Wine Sale

March 15th, 2012

As Led Zepplin once roared, its been a long time since Rock’n'Roll. We have not been as active as we might be on the old internet of late, but we had been busy finding new wines which will make their way onto the factory floor so to speak in the next few weeks and months.

Ahead of all this, we have a sale, and rather than try dump all the old stuff that we are trying to shift, we are offering some of our very best wines. First come first served.


These are the wines on Sale :

La Mano Mencia ( now €7.19 )
Pago Malarina Rioja (now €8.79)

Gassac Classic Red and White (now €7.19)
Grandiose Cabernet Sauvignon (now €7.19)
Clarion Rhone Red (now €8.79) / 58 Guineas Claret (now €7.99)
Malis Cotes de Rousillon (now €7.99)

Santa Alicia Merlot Reserva (now €7.99)
Santa Alicia Sauvignon Blanc Reserva (now €7.99)

New Zealand
Ant Moore Sauvignon Blanc (now €11.99)
Waihopai Sauvignon Blanc (now €10.39)

See you online or in the shop where we will have some of these wines open for the tasting.

Wine of the Week – New Zealand and Australia

October 27th, 2011

We have 2 new wines of the week. A fantastic alternative to Pinto Grigio from New Zealand called Woollaston that is down from €19.49 to €15.99. “It has sweet pear and apple notes and is weighty and rich and full of flavour with excellent length. It is off dry and a little honeyed, the acidity balances the concentrated fruit and adds a zesty flourish”.

The Red also comes from the Southern Hemisphere, Woodstock from the McLaren Vale region of Australia. Normally €15.99, it is reduced down to €12.99 for the week. This wine is a “sublime red blend loaded with dark chocolate & berry aromas followed by savoury tannins on the palate. A burst of juicy grape flavours showing dark berries, black currants and a touch of spice”.


Wine of The Week – Bordeaux Red & Spanish White

August 26th, 2011

We have 2 new wines of the week and they are brand new to the Red Nose Wine stable of wines. We have a new Bordeaux that is a great introduction to this most famous of regions. It is called 58 Guineas Everday Claret. On the nose, fresh and forward, lively red fruit backed by good depth – true claret typicity, youthful but unmistakable. On the palate, round medium-bodied, perfectly balanced flavours of youthful red fruit with claret backbone, easily enjoyable on its own or with food. It is down from €9.99 to €7.99

The white is a cheap and cheerful Spanish white called Mont Marcal Blanco. It is a great value Spanish white from Penedès. Crisp & fruity, this is a real class act with or without food. Pale yellow with green hues, the bouquet is intensely fruity, with notes of ripe apples, white flowers and a tropical fruit. On the palate it is equally fruity, well structured, soft, fresh and round.

This is a wine is ideal as an aperitif or to accompany light dishes of fish and shellfish, pasta and rice dishes, white meats, salmon and even cured cheeses. It is down to €6.99