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Gary Gubbins is the owner of Red Nose Wine.

Gary started life as an engineer and travelled the world on the back of the telecoms and boom of the nineties. The limitations of the Irish wine world were made very apparent when living in the United States, Canada, Sweden and even Mexico. But it was the years living in Paris, and later Provence which brought his wine appreciation to a new level. He started studying all aspects of the industry and gaining a very particular view on the international wine world. His frequent visits to the vineyards of Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Loire & Rhone Valleys and Provence proved a revelation towards his view on both wine and life. This growing reverance towards these family run enterprises, balanced with his interest in the pricing structures of wine and its place within the greater business world captivated him.

A 1st class honours MBA specialising in fine wine led him to write academic papers on all manner of wine related subjects and he has presented his findings on the subject to various institutions and universities. His work on building a financial growth model for fine wine based on varying factors has been very well received across a broad spectrum of people within the wine industry and the academic research fraternity.

He currently writes a weekly article on wine and has a regular blog ( He also regulary rants on Twitter ( He can be found at various tastings and seminars in Ireland or abroad searching for the next superstar wine. Most of the time however, he can be found in the retail warehouse in Clonmel trying to convince the public to taste the difference between real, authentic wine and commodity wine made with quantity in mind, not quality.

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