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Albaran Languedoc Red Wine

Vins de Pays

€14.99/Bottle | €179.88/Case
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Deep ruby red, with tile coloured glints. Expressive, complex, hints of crystallised ripe blackcurrants and fruit in alcohol. Aromas of nut and vanilla. Opens with very ripe red berries; rounded and warm with silky tannins. Underpinned with toasty hints. Good structure and balance, with very marked tannins. Virile, rustic character, thoroughly agreeable.


Wine to keep between one to five years.If you especially want to taste this wine’s fruitiness we advise drinking it within the first two years. However, you may prefer to wait so as to enjoy the wine’s secondary aromas, in which case we suggest drinking it at between three and five years.

As with all wines, the temperature at which it’s kept will dictate how well it keeps. The ideal is between 12°C and 18°C.


Best served between 18°C and 19°C. To enjoy it best, we advise you to drink this wine with a meal. Open the bottle an hour before serving. The wine is even better if decanted, to allow its complex characteristics to emerge. 

The Vineyard


Jurassic limestone slopes for Syrah and Mourvedre; lime sandstone and Rognacien marl slopes for Cabernet; essentially arid terroirs with strong character.

Grape varieties

Blend of 40 % Cabernet Sauvignon , 25% Mourvèdre, 25% Syrah and 10% Alicante. 30 year old vines.


Slow Medoc maceration (around 20 days), at 28°C to 33°C for the Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvedre grapes. Carbonic maceration for the Syrah with 8 to 10 days in vats. No filtration


Cabernet Sauvignon matured in "Merrain" oak casks for 10 months.


100% Manual.



Sunday Tribune piece by Lar Veale - April 2010

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