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Bergamota Private Selection Red

€14.99/Bottle | €179.88/Case
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Medium-bodied, flavorsome and lovable red with a gorgeously-warm, dusty texture and tons of tasty flavours of blackberries, cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla. Beautiful stuff.
The Vineyard

Like almost all Portuguese wines, Bergamota is a blended wine (as opposed to a "varietal" wine, where just one variety is used), but in this case based primarily on the great grape of Port, Touriga Nacional. The term "Crianza" isn't used in Portugal, but with 12 months in wood, this is the style space Bergamota occupies.

Dão, south of the Douro/Port region and encircled by protective mountain ranges, is one of Portugal's top wine spots. Taking its name from the Dão river, its best reds are based (as here) on Touriga Nacional and Tempranillo, two of the main Port grapes. (Memorably-named Bastardo is also one of the permitted varieties in Dão.) The region's wines are sometimes compared to Burgundy's, with both being subtle, elegant and made for the table.

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Bergamota Private Selection Red
Red Nose Rating: 93%
Rich, spicy reds