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Chemilly Petit Chablis


€22.00/Bottle | €264.00/Case
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Lithe and minerally Petit Chablis from brothers Vilain.

This delightful entry-point to the petite chateau production of Loic and Yannick Vilain is relatively light on its feet, with crisp lemon and grapefruit filled out by hints of lush, ripe stone-fruit and a wonderful, minerally texture that's typical of the chateau.

The Vineyard
Château de Chemilly was established in the seventies and is today run by Loïc and Yannick Vilain, son and nephew of the founder. The guys take a light-handed approach to winemaking, preferring to allow the terroir, vines and grapes to do the talking, with minimal intervention. The modern packaging is a cut above what you would expect from this most traditional of European wine regions.

Chablis - always made with 100% Chardonnay - is one of France's classic wines. Included as part of Burgundy for administrative purposes, it should really be considered as its own region. (It's geographically closer to Champagne than Burgundy anyway.) The climate is marginal (i.e. barely suitable for ripening grapes) and helps produce a unique style of Chardonnay that is crisp, nervy and very fine. The main soils are Kimmeridgian and Portlandian.

Chemilly Petit Chablis
Red Nose Rating: 90%
Aromatic whites, Crisp, dry whites, Fine Wine with long rich finish