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CS Rioja


€12.99/Bottle | €155.88/Case
Product Information
Young fruity Rioja
Sales Information
This wine is perfect for a party or a BBQ. Classic strawberries and cherries in this easy drinking Rioja made from 100% Tempranillo.
The Vineyard
Wine has a history. And history is full of wine. That of Carlos Serres (Charles, in French) is one of them. One of those which happen once in a lifetime and perdure.

Not only because he saw in Haro a perfect place to make wine of great quality but, above all, because he envisaged a new horizon for Rioja wine not considered until then: international exports.
He came from Bordeaux, where the phylloxera pest had compromised winemaking. This famous French wine consultant found in Haro the perfect terroir to make Bordeaux style wines, with a climate and terrain which reminded him of the best terroirs in Bordeaux.

A perfect place to make wines that met the quality, flavour and personality expectations of the most discerning international palates. Elegant wines with a Rioja flavour, ready to conquer; even overseas.

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CS Rioja
Red Nose Rating: 90%
Fruity Early drinking Reds, Medium-bodied reds