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Gassac Olive & Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed - Olive Oil

€12.29/Bottle | €147.48/Case
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Together grape seeds and Languedoc olives symbolise the quintessence of what is know as a Mediterranean diet: a diet that gave rise to the expression “French Paradox” when scientists became aware that inhabitants of the countries bordering the Mediterranean had a significantly lower rate of cardiovascular disease than inhabitants of more northerly regions.

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The countries of Homer are very fortunate with the sun, olive oil and grape; you can find all that in bottle of

Huile PARADOXE » is an amazing quality blend made up of 55% Verdales virgin olive oil and 45% from Languedoc grape seed oil.Huile PARADOXE”, is not simply a product for “long life”, it is also absolutely delicious.Huile PARADOXE” is suitable for salad dressings and raw vegetables, for frying fish and on pasta as well as for making delicious mayonnaise. A spoonful of “Huile PARADOXE” added to soups and stocks makes them wonderful tasty. And what’s more, if the scientists are to be believed, grape seed oil helps digestion, remineralises the body and helps in weight loss.Huile PARADOXE.
Gassac Olive & Grape Seed Oil
Red Nose Rating: 00%
Organic - Natural cultivation