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Isla Grande Sauvignon Blanc

€12.00/Bottle | €144.00/Case
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Pale yellow colour with greenish tones. This Sauvignon has aromas of grapefruit, melon and gooseberries, typical of this varietal. The palate is crisp and refreshing with salivating tropical fruits.
Ideal with raw sea food, pastas and white meats.  
The Vineyard
Isla Grande comes from the famed Santa Alicia vineyards which possesses a very talented team of winemakers from the Santa Alicia winery. Leading the team, is David González, with more than 30 years of experience. David contributes, together with his philosophy of perfection, extensive knowledge and the dedication of an artisan. For him, a glass of wine goes beyond the sensory pleasure, and turns into a bridge of communication between the art of creating a mythical concoction and its final consumers.

Eduardo Gajardo, joined for the crop of 2006, bringing a renewed vision of the process of winemaking. With an important background on the new tendencies that are being developed in different parts of the world, Eduardo is constantly searching for the maximum standards of quality at international levels.
Today, both constitute a perfect mix of youth and experience committed to delivering the greatness and intensity of each variety.

Isla Grande Sauvignon Blanc
Red Nose Rating: 89%
Crisp, dry whites