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Marsala Curatolo Fine


€18.99/Bottle | €227.88/Case
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Dark amber in colour, this Marsala has intense, long-lasting flavours with characteristic wood scents, toasted almonds, citrus, and perfumes of vanilla, caramel and honey.

The Vineyard

The Curatolo family has been producing excellent Marsala and creditable wine for over a century. They are the oldest, familyowned Marsala house in Italy.

Light wines from local grapes Grillo, Inzolia, and Cataratto are fortified with white grape spirits in the traditional way. Slow fermentation at a controlled temperature of 20-25°C. The base wine is straw in colour, with a 12% alcohol content and a minimum residual sugar level of 20 g/l. Alcohol, mistella (fresh grape must with added alcohol) and mosto cotto (concentrated fresh grape must which is traditionally “cooked” until it reduces to a third of its initial volume) are then added to the base wine, thus giving it respectively its final alcohol content of 17%, the desired sugar level and the traditional flavour. The wines are then aged for a minimum of 12 months in 150 hl barrels.

Marsala Curatolo Fine
Red Nose Rating: 00%