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Gassac Chardonnay
€13.99 / Bottle   |   €167.88 / Case
Brilliant rich gold in colour with aromas of citrus fruits and wild flowers. The mouth opens on definite fruity notes with a hint of honey. The finish is buttery and long.
Guilhem White
€13.99 / Bottle   |   €167.88 / Case

Attractive clear, bright, pale gold. Powerful and seductive fruity expression. Good acidity, lively. Full and fresh.

SoilsClay and limestone, flint and clay.
Grape varietiesBlend of 50% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Grenache Blanc, 20% Clairette.
Vinification100% De-stemmed - Skin maceration of all grape varieties together for 2 to 3 hours in refrigerated tank. Vinification under controlled temperature between 16°C and 21°C
Maturing5 to 6 months in stainless steel tank.

Gassac Cabernet Sauvignon
€13.99 / Bottle   |   €167.88 / Case
The colour is dark red, near black, with violet glints. Aromas of very ripe pear, with a touch of roast coffee. Delicious flavours of stewed red berries with great tannic structure and a hint of toast. Powerful wine that opens well.,
Gassac Syrah
€11.49 / Bottle   |   €137.88 / Case
Deep violet red in colour with aromas of very ripe red fruits and a touch of leather. The mouth is warm, fruity and concentrated with good tannic structure. End open and satisfying. Good length., , , ,
Gassac Pinot Noir
€15.99 / Bottle   |   €191.88 / Case
Wild raspberry nose and violet floral notes. Fleshy, garrigue, hint of chocolate and a sweet finish. A complex and delicate nose. Abundant fruit. A beautiful freshness and soft tannins made it a balanced and fine Pinot.
Mixed Case - Silver 6

There is great value in the wine world if you know where to look for it. That is a job we have become very good at in Red Nose Wine so we are delighted to be able to offer this great value mix case of wine.  We have specially selected some great red and white wines from France, Spain, Italy and Chile. This is always one of our best sellers every year. 

A great present this Christmas, for that special someone or just treat yourself.

* Wines are liable to change as stocks expire but will always be replaced by a wine of equal or greater value


Gassac Classic White
€12.99 / Bottle   |   €155.88 / Case

The wine is bright pale gold with a strong nose, with aromas that are simultaneously floral and exotic. It is very lively on the palate with a finish that is smooth with good acid/fruit balance.

It is a Blend of 30% Clairette, 30% Vermentino, 40% Sauvignon Blanc.

Gassac Classic Red
€12.99 / Bottle   |   €155.88 / Case

Deep, brilliant red Vinous, complex aromas, with hints of red berries (cherry, blackberry, and strawberry) and spice. Opens soft and fruity with gentle tannins. Delicate and sophisticated. Long and smooth; a touch rustic reflecting its terroir.

Best served between 16°C & 18°C. Drink within 2 years after bottling.

A perfect everyday wine!

A delight with light, elegant meals, mixed salads and grills.

Gassac Balsamic Vinegar
€24.59 / Bottle   |   €295.08 / Case

This vinegar is a one-off, we’d say almost traditional, masterpiece made from the must of the historic, traditional Servent grape. The white grapes used to be picked at the end of October or early November when very ripe and fruity, and hung on wooden beams in lofts, to be served at Christmas on the “thirteen desserts” table. Sadly, nowadays the vines of this beautiful grape are being dug out. But, helped by our wine producing partners and friends at Villeveyrac, at the end of October we harvest the best bunches which are immediately pressed and their development curbed at cold temperatures.

The wonderful must, saturated with sugar and aromas, is immediately sent to a small company in Burgundy which has, for many years, specialized in producing balsamic vinegar. The firm helps us produce a limited number of bottles of this incomparable “sweet-sour” vinegar, a vital ingredient in many recipes.

Remember, balsamic vinegar is an art form in its own right, and most especially one produced from a sweet, aromatic, faultless source

Gassac Olive & Grape Seed Oil
€12.29 / Bottle   |   €147.48 / Case


Together grape seeds and Languedoc olives symbolise the quintessence of what is know as a Mediterranean diet: a diet that gave rise to the expression “French Paradox” when scientists became aware that inhabitants of the countries bordering the Mediterranean had a significantly lower rate of cardiovascular disease than inhabitants of more northerly regions.

Nevertheless, “

The countries of Homer are very fortunate with the sun, olive oil and grape; you can find all that in bottle of

Huile PARADOXE » is an amazing quality blend made up of 55% Verdales virgin olive oil and 45% from Languedoc grape seed oil.Huile PARADOXE”, is not simply a product for “long life”, it is also absolutely delicious.Huile PARADOXE” is suitable for salad dressings and raw vegetables, for frying fish and on pasta as well as for making delicious mayonnaise. A spoonful of “Huile PARADOXE” added to soups and stocks makes them wonderful tasty. And what’s more, if the scientists are to be believed, grape seed oil helps digestion, remineralises the body and helps in weight loss.Huile PARADOXE.
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