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Tenuta Sant Anna Prosecco Frizante


€14.99/Bottle | €179.88/Case
Product Information
Perfect aperitif or party / banqueting sparkling wine
Sales Information
Lovely gentle nose of sweet pears and summer peaches, and a soft, lightly-effervescent palate that is fruity, light bodied and relatively low in alcohol (11%). The fine citric backbone and dry almondy finish imbues the wine with appealing freshness and zip

Prosecco makes a perfect aperitif or party / banqueting sparkling wine. Mix it with puréed peach to make a classic Bellini cocktail.

The Vineyard
This wine is made in the Treviso hills from Prosecco's historical grape Glera, supplemented by a little Pinot Bianco and Verdiso. In common with all Proseccos, it is not 'bottle fermented' like Champagne but is instead 'tank fermented' in bulk (Charmat method). Frizzante Proseccos are more lightly sparkling than the Spumante versions. Since 2009 the name 'Prosecco' has been legally protected and now anything bearing this name must come from defined parts of NE Italy

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Tenuta Sant Anna Prosecco Frizante
Red Nose Rating: 89%
Bright & Bubbly