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Valcombe - Octobre Red

Costieres de Nimes

€25.00/Bottle | €300.00/Case
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Bright red colour. On the nose delicate black fruit aromas with a touch of soft moka. On the palate, the Grenache grapes shows its extreme softnes, gentle, complex and builds up slowly to offer a very elegant and long finish, with a touch of menthol. Incredible alcool/tanins/ acidity balance

Vineyard: vineyard soils are made of Rhone pebbles on 3% to 5% slopes, with a South exposure, overlooking the Camargue ponds.
Total vine production surface of 63ha.
Soils are poor, drained, slightly acidic, made of a very thick Rhone pebbles cover (5 to 15m depth).
Unique character: a very thin limestone layer brings up a surprising freshness and a mineral touch to the wine; this is an absolutely unique case within the Costières de Nîmes wine region.

Blend: Grenache 100%. The oldest Grenache block of the estate, planted by Charles Ricome in 1971.

Winemaking: after harvest grapes are placed in 1 single concrete tank without crushing. After 72 hours cold maceration, fermentation starts slowly to reach 26/27°c then 29/30°c at the end of the fermentation process. Several short and soft pump-overs per day during fermentation;
no “délestages”.

Wine is kept under skin cover at 28°c to 29°c for 3/5 days after fermentation

Ageing: 15 months in olf 600L French oak barrels.
The Vineyard
Château de Valcombe, a family-owned property since 1749, is the southernmost estate in the Costières de Nîmes. Close to the Mediterranean Sea and planted on soils boasting the highest concentration of limestone in the region, Valcombe offers refined, concentrated wines with exuberant freshness and minerality. In 1791 the estate received official recognition from the revolutionary army for the quality of wines sent to the frontlines; wines from the domain were featured at the 1855 and 1873 World’s Fairs.
Following the Second World War, the estate was inherited by Charles Ricome, who replanted most of the vineyards and was among the first to plant Syrah in the appellation. The reins of the estate have been handed to Charles’s son Dominique and his grandsons Basile and Nicolas. The vineyards planted in 1955 are still in cultivation and are, along with the entirety of the estates’ vineyards, in the process of being converted to organic viticulture.

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Valcombe - Octobre Red
Red Nose Rating: 00%
Fine Wine with long rich finish, Rich, spicy reds