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Ayunta Mt. Etna Nerello Mascalese

by Ayunta
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Tasting Notes

The wine offers an elegant and complex bouquet with notes of red berries such as red currants and sour cherries. There are often hints of floral aromas, dried herbs, and volcanic minerals, which are characteristic of wines from the Mt. Etna region. It has a deep ruby-red color

On the palate, has a vibrant acidity and a firm, refined tannic structure. The flavors typically include a mix of red fruits like raspberries and pomegranates, along with subtle herbal and earthy undertones. Some versions may exhibit smoky or volcanic nuances, reflecting the terroir of Mt. Etna.


Red wines from Mount Etna, located on the volcanic island of Sicily in Italy, are celebrated for their unique and captivating character. These wines are primarily made from the Nerello Mascalese grape, which thrives in the volcanic soils and high-altitude vineyards of the region. They typically display a remarkable balance of bright acidity, elegant tannins, and complex flavors of red berries, sour cherries, and subtle earthy and mineral notes. The volcanic influence lends a distinctive smokiness and minerality, making Etna reds both terroir-driven and expressive of their origin.

These wines are often described as having a sense of place, showcasing the volcanic heritage of the vineyards, and they have gained a growing reputation among wine enthusiasts for their finesse and age-worthiness, adding a unique and exciting dimension to the world of Italian wine.