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Schloss Vollrads, `Volratz` Rheingau Riesling Trocken

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Tasting Notes

Made in the traditional Rheingau style, the dry `Volratz` Riesling is bright yellow in colour with green hues. The nose is aromatic with bright notes of green apple and citrus. The palate is well-balanced and crisp with great fruit intensity and a mineral finish.


Schloss Vollrads, one of the oldest wine estates in the world, has been making wine in the Rheingau since the 13th century (with the first sales document for wine dating back to 1211). In 1716, the world’s first Kabinett was produced at Schloss Vollrads, and over 300 years on the estate is still going from strength to strength under the watchful eye of Dr. Rowald Hepp. After almost 22 years as estate director, Rowald has kept an advisory role after handing over the responsibility to Ralf Bengel in 2021.

The conversion to organic viticulture, with 2022 the first certified vintage, and the modernisation of the historic winery remain the goal at Schloss Vollrads.

The 63 hectares of Riesling vineyards are located between the Rhine and the forest-clad hills that shelter the vines from cooling winds that descend from the north, so it is slightly warmer here than in the more southerly Rheinhessen. 21 hectares of vineyard are classified as ‘Grosse Lage’ (‘Grand Cru’), the very best quality classification in Germany, and the soils are a mixture of weathered slate, loam, clay and loess. Strict pruning and crop thinning to reduce yields by up to 40% below the legal requirement contribute to the quality of the fruit.

The 40 manual pickers leave the grapes on the vine until they are fully ripe, having accumulated optimum levels of sugar balanced by a refreshing acidity. For the Auslese upwards, ‘noble rot’, or ‘botrytis’, will have also developed by the time the grapes are picked. Sulphur dioxide levels are much lower here than in most German wines, owing to the team’s meticulous approach to hygiene and their eschewal of using any ‘süssreserve’ to sweeten the wines.

The dry `Volratz` Riesling is made in the traditional Rheingau style, with notes of apricots and peaches supported by a crisp and mineral core. 


All Schloss Vollrads' vineyards are planted with Riesling and are situated between the Rhine and the forest-clad hills that protect the vines from the cool, northerly winds. Strict pruning ensures that yields are 40% lower than the legal requirement, while further reductions are made by crop thinning. The soil is a mixture of Taunus quartzite, argillaceous shale and calcareous loess soil. The vineyard slopes are all south facing, allowing them to capture the best sunshine. Forests on the Taunus mountain range offer protection from the northern winds and create the ideal conditions for these vines.