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Alto Adige

The Alto Adige wine region, nestled in the northernmost part of Italy and bordered by the Alps, is a captivating terroir known for producing wines of exceptional quality. Characterized by its Alpine climate, diverse elevations, and a range of soils, this region is home to both indigenous and international grape varieties. Notably, Pinot Grigio, Gewürztraminer, and Lagrein thrive in this mountainous landscape, yielding wines that beautifully express the region's unique terroir. The winemakers of Alto Adige are celebrated for their commitment to precision and sustainability, resulting in crisp and aromatic white wines as well as elegant and structured reds. The combination of dramatic landscapes, a cool climate, and a dedication to preserving the region's winemaking heritage makes Alto Adige a captivating destination for those seeking wines that reflect both alpine charm and Italian finesse.

Alto adige

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