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Chile and Argentina

Why Choose Chilean or Aregnitian Wine

Chile and Argentina have become well-known for their high-quality wines, particularly in the case of red wines. Both countries have embraced traditional European winemaking practices and combined them with their unique terroirs. In Chile, the
country's long, narrow geography with diverse microclimates allows for the cultivation of various grape varieties. In regions like Maipo Valley and Colchagua Valley, the emphasis has been on producing Bordeaux-style wines with the same precision found in France. Argentina, on the other hand, is acclaimed for its Malbec wines, which thrive in the high- altitude vineyards of Mendoza. The introduction of European winemakers, along with the
use of traditional methods like oak aging, has contributed to the improvement in wine quality. Additionally, the practice of small-lot winemaking and the use of French oak barrels
for aging have further enhanced the complexity and depth of their wines, making them more akin to Old World counterparts.