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Arizcuren Rioja Monte Gatun

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Tasting Notes

Monte Gatún is an easy-drinking fusion of old and new; aromas of herbs, grains, blueberries, cherries, and raspberries. On the palate, it’s smooth, refined, and with a ripe Garnacha finish.


The past, the present, and the future of Rioja Oriental live in this wine. The past, represented by the traditional varieties; Garnacha and Mazuelo, the present by the now prolific Tempranillo, and the future built by the union of them all; following that oh-so Riojan tradition of blending varieties to make legendary wines.

The Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Mazuelo grow in the vineyards of la Villa de Quel and sit at an altitude of 530-600 meters above sea level. They were lovingly cared for by hand, as Javier does with all his vineyards. Sustainably and organically cultivated, fermented naturally, and with very little intervention. Monte Gatún was made and aged in Javier’s urban winery and architecture studio in the heart of the capital of la Rioja, Logroño.


Arizcuren wines directly represent the Sierra de Yerga Terroir.

The Sierra de Yerga is the mountain range that separates the Cidacos River valley and the Alhama River valley, both tributaries of the Ebro River, in the oriental part of the Rioja wine region.

The vineyard is found in the municipality of Quel, located on the northern side of the Yerga mountain range, which runs West to East. Most of the 16 hectares of the Arizcuren family vineyards are on the slopes of this majestic mountain range, some also in the valley.  The valley is a very rich area biodynamically speaking, with a large variety of aromatic plants, orchards, flora, and fauna.